You can find all the presentations of the Off-Grid Experts Workshop 2017 for download here. They will be open for download for all workshop visitors from Wednesday 04.10.2017 until 31.12.2017.

As a workshop guest you can get the password to enter the download page from our team!


Presentations Thursday, 28.09.2017

Workshop Session 1a :
Definition of the present Off-Grid markets

Johanna Hartmann, energypedia:
„Global Knowledge Management in Off-Grid Markets“

Larba Nadieba, Ikratos:
„Use of ICT and Solar Energy in tackling mother and child mortality in Africa’s remote areas“

Dr. Eveline Jansen, GOGLA:
„GOGLA - Global Off-Grid Lighting Association“

Faraz Khan, Stimulus:
„The Off-Grid Pakistan Potential“

Walter Danner, DGS:
„Off-Grid PV and biogas“


Workshop Session 1b :
Off-Grid energy for rural electrification far from the grid

Giridaran Srinivasan, Solargis s.r.o.:
„Solargis irradiation and weather data for Off-Grid systems“

Serge Coulibaly, S-Tel:
„Evolving needs far from the grid“

Dr. Huguette Kolb-Aust, Steca Elektronik GmbH:
„Steca PF 166-H / 240-H – Off-Grid systems for productive use“

Stephan Laistner, SFC Energy AG:
„Energy Solutions for Security and Industrial Applications“

Bop Hopman, Victron Energy B.V.:
„Victron Energy company presentation“

Pablo Munoz, Studer Innotec SA:
„Experience from the field“



Workshop Session 2a:
Innovations: Generators and electronics

Rudy Müller, Phocos AG:
„Phocos new charge controller generation using integrated proprietary chip solution“

Brad Berwald, Morningstar Corp.:
„Cloud based software“

Juan Antonio Espada, Alpha Technologies GmbH (Outback Power):
„Off-Grid and hybrid energy solutions by Outback Power“

Dr. Huguette Kolb-Aust, Steca Elektronik GmbH:
„Smart Off-Grid: clever solutions for Off-Grid electrification“

Workshop Session 2b:
Innovations: Storage and loads

Ulrich Preuß, Accumulatorenwerke HOPPECKE Carl Zoellner & Sohn GmbH:
„Company Presentation“

Mathias Grässl, Powerball-Systems AG:
„Powerball, energy everywhere, any time and always flexible“

Alessandro Medici, Power-Blox AG:
„Swarm-Grids - The evolution of micro-grids“

Benjamin Seckinger, BOS Balance of Storage Systems AG:
„Lithium and lead acid storage“

Peter Adelmann, Nexol Photovolthermic AG:
„Photovolthermic Water-Heater“


Presentations Friday, 29.09.2017

Workshop Session 3a:
Definition of the present Off-Grid market

Patrick Cousins, Infinite Fingers GmbH:
„Energy 4.0: Management of Renewable energy hybrid systems in the digital world“

Andrea Valdinoci, Oloid Inversionstechnik GmbH:
„How can solar energy enable new products/solutions in water treatment? - The combination of appropriate technologies and new market niches“

Jochen Kuhn, Green Asset / Fuji electric:
„Sun-pump – Solar Pumping Solutions“

Workshop Session 3b:
Water - source for rural development

Julien Cot, Phaesun (Active Eau):
„Activ H2O Water treatment by electrolysis“

Oliver Kopsch, MFT Membran Filtrationstechnik GmbH:
„Water 4.0: Off-Grid Water & Energy production in the digital world“

Workshop Session 4:
Innovative business models/BOSS productive use

Victor Torres Toledo, Institut für Agrartechnik in den Tropen und Subtropen, Universität Hohenheim:
„Field experience in implementing a small-scale PV milk system“

Alessandro Medici, Power-Blox AG:
„Pay-as-you-go and Blockchain trading - Business models for micro-grids“

Ling Ng, Alliance of Rural Electrification:
„Productive Use of Renewable Energies: Proven Business Models in Practice“

Johannes Heickmann, DEG - Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH:
„Up-Scaling Program“

Bart Magura, OffgridSun SRL:
„A practical approach to electrify a remote Zambian village“

Workshop Session 5:
Off-Grid energy generation

Andreas Schäfer, Siqens GmbH:
„Advanced Fuel Cell Technology – safe, clean and silent energy for Off-Grid power supplies“

Ketter Ulrich, Primus Windpower Inc.:
„Why Wind? Hybrid Solutions“

Edgar Silveiredo, Silentwind Deutschland:
„Why Wind as complement for Solar“

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