Martin Hoffmann - Moderator of the Workshop 2015 and 2017

Martin Hoffmann is a professional Moderator who guided through our Workshop in 2015. For more information you can visit his website :

Romy Krämer - Moderator of the Workshop 2013

Romy Krämer is the Managing Director at Guerilla Foundation. The Guerrilla Foundation provides grants and non-financial support to activists and social entrepreneurs who catalyze systems change, generate bottom-up pressure on political establishments, and foster an engaged civil society. They engage next-generation donors to mobilize capital for change. To find out more visit the website:

Tobias Sommer - Moderator of the Workshop 2012

Tobias Sommer attends Phaesun since 2008 as independent coach. His portfolio includes the coaching of managers, staff recruiting, marketing/ brand development, entrepreneur monitoring, co-development of company specific projects and the yearly preparation of the Phaesun Off-Grid Experts Workshops. For this event he developed and cares about special formats like the Running Discussion, the Phaesun Experts Cafes and the Speakers Corner. Since the first Off-Grid Experts Workshop 2011 Tobias Sommer supports also as moderator the Workshop team.

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