Keynote Performance 2017

"Energetic independence"

Playmobeat – three drummers from Berlin who give an entertaining show for the audience and challenging for the players. Only with three drum sets and a huge amount of humor.

David Plätsch was drummer at Subway to Sally for years and got to know Bosse-drummer Chris Heiny at the Blueman Group, where both thrilled the masses. Andi Bühler’s passion for jazz and world music completed Playmobeat: the fusion of three grooves and three characters to one great drum spectacle!

With a thirty minutes workshop the three guys from Berlin introduce their understanding of independence, interaction, energy and the common pulse.

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Keynote Speaker 2015

Christian Felber's Economy for the Common Good offers a clear analysis that combines pragmatic designs for some of the potential institutions of the next system with a strategy for building a movement that can bring these institutions into being. He shows the path to an economy where money and markets are at the service of humans, not the other way around.
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Keynote Speaker 2013

"Creative Revolution: Chaos as a driving force for the Off-Grid way!" We were happy that we could convert the management expert and long-term IBM chief scientist Gunter Dueck as a special guest speaker. He dealt with the "Off-Grid" subject from a different point of viev. His lecture "Creative Revolution - Chaos as a Driving Force for the Off-Grid Way" will provide a promising and exciting insight in the chaos of the solar trade and the implementation of certain technological innovations.Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck is a philosopher, writer, columnist, mathematician, management expert, and a member of ?world 2.0?.He authored some satirical-philosophical books on humans, management and life (Wild Duck, E-Man, Omnisophie, Supramanie, Topothesie?on humane keeping of humans).

Keynote Speaker 2012

Leadership. Transformation. Learning.

Nils combines two roles in his client work: On one hand, he offers inspirational, thought-provoking, highly conceptual and entertaining impulses as a world-class speaker. On the other hand, he helps organizations internationally with triggering, mapping and leading profound & robust change initiatives as a highly effective advisor. Few people are capable of doing both, on the same high level of professionality.

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