"The Off-Grid Experts Workshop is all about cooperation, logical thought, hands-on experience and joint development with our partners in a market that is still so young and underdeveloped. As event partner we add value and create renewable energy innovations in two very exciting days for the benefit of everyone now and in the future.", Eric Werfeli, Studer




"The international hot spot of the best known Off-Grid components manufacturers with their newest developments exhibited and exclusively presented to the professional workshop attendees all two years. A must to be part of it every two years.", Dereje Lilongwe, Lydetco




"If I compare events which are organized with the same target in our business field I have to confess that the Off-Grid Experts Workshop in only 6 years developed already to the leading event when I compare the amount of participants and exhibitors. This is a very valuable networking platform which is worth to develop further on.", Said Abib, Horn Renwable Energy Company




"Imaginatively developed event topics (Running Discussion, Experts Cafe and Speed Dating, Speakers Corner, etc.) where from Workshop to Workshop more possibilities occur to participate as guest and exhibitor on the context. This allows an intense exchange between the participating experts (similar to a barcamp).", Gasper Skarja, KonTiki




"Top key note speakers over all the years with Niels Pfläging, Gunther Dueck, Chrstian Felber and all the others", Hament Tanna, Solair Corp.



"For me the best mix of networking, learning and entertainment which I simply call it Enter-Trainment with the Segway race of the exhibitors and the Off-Grid Experts Awarding Party as extra ordinary finale of each Off-Grid Experts Workshop with the original and legendary IndepenDance Night.", David Alsina, Victron

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