Next Off-Grid Experts Workshop: 27.-29.09.2017

The next "real" Off-Grid Experts Workshop with a full three days training and workshop program will take place on 27.-29.09.2017.
You can find more information from January 2017 on on this website!



The countdown is running!
Time left until the Off-Grid Experts Workshop 2017:

Off-grid Workshop 2017


Stadthalle Memmingen, Germany

Three days fully packed with Off-Grid Expertise: Lectures, do-it yourself-workshops, product innovations, case studies, discussion, exhibition with manufacturers and institutions, electro-moto-cross-race and, and, and...


  • Off-Grid energy supply with PV, wind and micro hydro power
  • Solutions for rural electrification and health care
  • Industrial applications
  • Solar water pumping and water purification
  • Applications for the leisure market

How to register?
Registration is now open. Use the online registration form by following this link.

Phaesun GmbH
Br├╝hlweg 9
87700 Memmingen, Germany
+49 (0) 8331.990420