Next Off-Grid Experts Workshop: 27.-29.09.2017

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Time left until the Off-Grid Experts Workshop 2017:

The Off-Grid Experts Workshop 2017 again promises numerous activities and information on the topic of "Off-Grid".

The event revolves around the following core themes:

  • Isolated solutions: solutions which are used to generate electricity independently of the electricity network using renewable energy. This is e.g. implemented by solar power plants, wind power plants or hybrid systems.
  • Electricity should now be available to all people. However, this is not the case especially in developing countries which are less urbanized. Through BOSS-solutions, people in these areas can also be founded with the help of solar power companies and develop innovative business models that ensure the future of the local people.
  • In addition, the handling of water is a central issue this year, too. Particular attention is paid to water treatment, pumping systems and desalination. These techniques are the basis for rural development.

The workshop, like the past events, is divided.
On the one hand, the exhibition of leading companies in the off-grid sector, Steca or Studer etc. (overview of the exhibitors here) gives a concentrated overview of the latest developments in the off-grid scene over two days.

In addition, the workshop offers a great variety of programs:

  1. Lecture program with information on current topics of the off-grid scene.
  2. Various program items on both event days, which invite the interaction, e.g. "Hands on": make your own experience with the system installation.
  3. Speakers' corner: The workshop offers all visitors the opportunity to present projects or innovations. At Speakers' corner everyone is welcome, who has something to say.
  4. In addition to information, the focus will be on contacts and networks. The fastest and best way to do this is at Business Speed Dating. This is the basis for further discussions and relationships.

This is just a brief overview of the different actions of the workshop. A unique event, only for the off-grid industry - here you reach your target group, directly and comprehensively!

Off-grid Workshop 2017


Stadthalle Memmingen, Germany

Three days fully packed with Off-Grid Expertise: Lectures, do-it yourself-workshops, product innovations, case studies, discussion, exhibition with manufacturers and institutions,Segway-race and, and, and...


  • Off-Grid energy supply with PV, wind and micro hydro power
  • Solutions for rural electrification and health care
  • Industrial applications
  • Solar water pumping and water purification
  • Applications for the leisure market

How to register?
Registration is now open. Use the online registration form by following this link.

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