Off-Grid Award 2017

The Off-Grid Experts Awards go into the third turn. The topic of this year´s awards is:
Energy Independence for You!

Again we invite developers, manufacturers, public and private initiatives, system integrators, users and all individuals to present their ideas, impressions and achievements regarding "Energy Independence"!
The Off-Grid Experts Awards integrate four different categories to address all those stakeholders that strive for energy independence and therefore to draw a comprehensive picture of the Off-Grid sector!

  • Category A: Product
  • Category B: Project
  • Category C: Pic
  • Category D: Filmlet

Find a detailed description of the four categories here.

The Awards Ceremony of the Off-Grid Experts Awards 2017 took place as part of the Off-Grid Experts Workshop on 29.09.2017 in Memmingen, Germany.

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