Execution and Time Table

The Off-Grid Experts Awards include 4 different categories. The winners of category A and B will be selected by a neutral jury.
The winners of category C and D will be selected by public online voting. The award ceremonies of all categories will take place on 29.09.2017 as the final event of the Off-Grid Experts Workshop 2017.

Category A and B

02.02. - 15.07.2017 Call for applications: Applications via online form on www.off-grid-experts.com
until 20.07.2017 Discussion of the jury and selection of 5 nominees for each category
15.08.2017 Information of nominees and selection of additional information about their products and projects
29.09.2017 Award ceremony at Off-Grid Experts Workshop in Memmingen/Germany

Category C and D

02.02. - 15.07.2017 Call for applications: Picture and filmlet upload on www.off-grid-experts.com
15.07. - 15.08.2017 Public voting of the pics and filmlets
20.08.2017 Information of the nominees: 4 nominees of each category will be invited to the awards ceremony
29.09.2017 Award ceremony at the Off-Grid Experts Workshop Memmingen/Germany
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