The Off-Grid Experts Awards are looking for special developments and achievements in the area of Off-Grid power supply. We are looking for industry developments, private initiatives, individual experiences all related to energy independence!

The Off-Grid Experts Awards will take place again in 2017!

Category A: Product

Most innovative component or solution for Off-Grid power supply/use
The category A of the Off-Grid Experts Awards strives for technical solutions, that improve or faciliate Off-Grid power supply or even make things possible that were not possible before.
We are looking for smart, sustainable and adaptive product developments for the specific use in Off-Grid systems for rural electrification, solar water supply or industrial applications. It may be an innovative component that improves power generation, power control, power storage or refers to the loads of a system. It may also be an innovative technical solution for an entire system!

Possible target groups are manufacturers, suppliers and product developers.

Category B: Project

Best-in-Class Off-Grid project/initiative in the field of rural electrification, solar water supply or industrial applications
The category B of the Off-Grid Experts Awards  is looking for completed projects and initiatives related to Off-Grid power supply that have left a strong, sustainable impact on the stakeholders. The project can address the topics of rural electrification, solar water supply or industrial use. All types of Off-Grid renewable energy use are qualified for this category.

Possible target groups are organisations and other public institutions, private initiatives, system integrators etc.

Category C: Picture

Best Picture "Energy Independence"
Energy independence can be related to specific technical solutions, to projects based on Off-Grid power supply or on initiatives. Energy independence can also express a special attitude towards life! We are looking for a variety of pictures that reflect the key word "Energy Independence" from every possible field of vision.

Possible target groups are system developers, institutions, professional or hobby photographers, art students etc.

Category D: Filmlet

Best Filmlet "Energy Independence"
The category D aims to find the best filmlets on "Energy Independence". Both documentary filmlets about the development of energy projects and the description of initiatives are welcome as well as abstract movies that touch the topic "Energy Independence" indirectly.

Possible target groups are institutions, professional or hobby photographers and film makers, art students etc.

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