Terms and Conditions for taking part in the
Off-Grid Experts Awards

With the Off-Grid Experts Award Phaesun awards special performances in the field of off-grid power supply.

1. Participation and application

1.1 All companies, public and private associations as well as private persons can take part. The application has to be made by means of the application forms on www.off-grid-experts.com. With the application the participants accept the terms and conditions for taking part in the Off-Grid Experts Awards.

1.2 Only complete documents in support of an application are accepted.

1.3. The number of entries you may submit is limited to a sum of four.

1.4 Application deadline for the Off-Grid Experts Awards is: 30 June 2017.

1.5 Any entries which do not conform to the rules will be removed. Phaesun reserves the right to remove from the awards any applications submitted , which Phaesun's or the Jury´s opinion, contravene legal guidelines on public decency or which would bring Phaesun into disrepute.

1.6 After receipt of the application an e-mail of confirmation will be sent. Should you not receive a confirmation email, it is advisable to send the application again or to ask Phaesun.

1.7 Concerning category A: Generally only own products can be submitted. The application can be submitted by a third party, if those act on the producer?s behalf and agreement, like for example agencies or distributors. However, not the third party will be awarded, but always the producer/developer. The participants assure that the third party?s rights, especially property rights, are not impinged upon due to the products submitted. Phaesun has no rights to the presented products, it does not make the products its own property.
The Jury evaluates the applications according to the following criteria:
?    Innovative approach
?    At least prototype-status
?    Economically feasible
?    Sustainable

1.8 Concerning category B: The Jury evaluates the applications according to the following criteria:
?    Best-in-Class
?    Impact on the society/environement
?    Innovative aspects in terms of used technology or organization of the project
?    Sustainability
?    May act as role model

1.9 Concerning category C and D: By entering, the applicant acknowledges that employer, client and/or subject have copyright release or model release giving permission for the image to be published or exhibited in connection with these awards and that he/she is the author of the work as defined in the Design, Copyright and Patents Act 1988.
The Winners will be selected by a public voting.

2. Granting of awards

2.1 The nominated parties/persons of the awards will be informed by e-mail.

2.1.1 Concerning category A and B: The nominatedparties/persons are requested to provide the jury additional material for the application. Only if they carry out this request in time, their application will still be considered.

2.1.2 Concerning category C and D: The nominated parties/persons (best 5) are requested to provide the original film footage as well as high-resolution visual material. Only if they carry out this request in time, their application will still be considered.

2.2 The winners will be announced at the award ceremonies and published on the Off-Grid Experts Awards Website and further means of communication of Phaesun. The price can be accepted by the winner or by a third party who has been authorized by him.

2.3 The ones who win the Off-Grid Experts Awards, are allowed to carry the logo of the Off-Grid Experts Awards on his website as well as in all his own documents.

2.4 There is no legal right to be granted an award.

2.5 If an award is submitted, although a violation of the conditions of participation is available, Phaesun will reserve the right to reverse the award, to withdraw the awarding and to exclude the participant afterwards.

3. Use of the contents of the application.

3.1 Entrants agree that any entered text, image and film may be used by Phaesun in any of their printed material, publications or electronic media.

4. Indications for the data protection

4.1 Phaesun saves  the information provided in the application in a machine-readable form. They are only used by Phaesun for the organization of the competition. In doing so the interests of the data protection and fidelity clause are ensured. By participating in the competition the applicants give their approval that their application documents are passed on to the jury / or are published for the voting and that they approve in case of an awarding of an application of the submitted application documents with the exception of personal data.    

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