Next Off-Grid Experts Workshop:


The next "real" Off-Grid Experts Workshop with a full three days training and workshop program will take place on 27.-29.09.2017.
You can find more information from January 2017 on on this website!

Use the time and have a look on the "Review 2015" in the history-section to get a feeling what it is all about!



The countdown is running!
Time left until the Off-Grid Experts Workshop 2017:

Review Workshop 2015: The World speaks Off-Grid!

We are looking back on a great Off-Grid Experts Workshop 2015 and on the impressing award ceremony of the Off-Grid Experts Awards 2015!

The Workshop 2015

We can look back on a successful Off-Grid Experts Workshop 2015: Two days fully packed with lectures, do-it yourself-workshops, product innovations, case studies, discussion, exhibition with manufacturers and institutions, electro-moto-cross-race and, and, and...


  • Off-Grid energy supply with PV, wind and micro hydro power
  • Solutions for rural electrification and health care
  • Industrial applications
  • Solar water pumping and water purification
  • Applications for the leisure market

Check out the pics and movie of the event in the chapter History: Workshop 2015.


We are looking forward to meet you again for the next Off-Grid Experts Workshop, that will take place in Memmingen on 27.-29.09.2017!

The Awards 2015

The Off-Grid Experts Awards honour companies, institutions and individuals for special achievements and developments in the Off-Grid sector.
For the second time, international applicants will be given the opportunity to apply for different categories focussing on Off-Grid applications.

The Off-Grid Experts Awards aim to find the best solutions for independent sustainable power supply and the best animated impressions about energy independence!


  • Category A:
    Most innovative component or system solution for Off-Grid power supply
  • Category B:
    Best-in-class project or initiative in the fields of rural electrification, water supply or industrial applications
  • Category C:
    Best Picture "Energy Independence"
  • Category D:
    Best Filmlet "Energy Independence"

For the Off-Grid Experts Works we received more than 100 applications from 27 countries.

Thanks a lot for all these great applications!

The winners had been announced at the Off-Grid Experts Workshop 2015 on 26.09.2015 in Memmingen.



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